622 Oak Street - Collingwood - February 2019

Conversion of raised bungalow into a 2nd suite dwelling.

1000 sqft raised bungalow 3 beds up and will have 2 beds down - needs electrical upgrade to 200 amp, plumbing, and complete basement finishing

Electrical panel and wiring needed to be upgraded 

Let's AMP up this conversion - 200 of them to be precise ensures the Tenants don't overload the circuit.

You have to keep warm and if there is no existing framing - continuous rigid insulation is required around the external walls

And so the conversion begins

Well of course, the plumbing is never quite where you want it, so yet another floor is dug up. Hmm, well it would be too easy if everything went exactly as planned - an old clay weeping tile seems to have been plumbed into the sewer! (1960's plumbing ideas) Well that isn't allowed today, so we are on to plan B, a sump pit and pump is installed and the weeping tile capped. After an inspection by the town we fill up the hole and move right along. 

This is going to be one warm basement. As well as that rigid insulation we have to install Pink as in-between the framing. Whoever rents this apartment is going to be snug in the winter and cool in the summer. Oh and of course, anyone that knows Kelly knows that she hates the cold, so seeing her hugging the delivery of pink insulation seems really quite ordinary :)

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